Jewellery Care

All Materials are carefully sourced from a variety of reliable suppliers.

All our prices are either set in 925 sterling silver or are silver plated or antique silver plated. Our sterling silver carries an international Hallmark certifying it that our pieces contain at least 92.5% pure Silver. Our silver-plated range items are all allergy safe/ Hypoallergenic metals composing of mostly stainless steel & brass and have a been E coated finish which is a extra layer of Varnish placed on top of a 1.5 Microns of pure silver. A lot of our pieces come with an antiqued finish similar to Rhodium plated it will hold is finish for a long period of time.  All our materials come from reliable suppliers who have built a long terms relationship with.

Over time both Sterling Silver- & silver-plated items reacts to sulphur dioxide in the air, and naturally discolours because of this over a long period of time. This is normal and easily rectified.

  • Cleaning Solution:
    The Sterling Silver Cleaner is probably the best home-solution to cleaning your Silver jewellery. This liquid has been specially designed to remove oxidation or discolouration from the metal, and to remove dirt from any stones set in the jewellery. Cleaning solution is fast, effective, and affordable. This solution will restore your silvers’ original colour and sparkle. (Different solutions available for Silver plated & Sterling Silver Jewellery)
  • Silver Polishing Cloth:
    In order to restore the lustre of your Sterling Silver- or silver-plated jewellery, you may simply use a Silver polishing cloth on the metal which should produce a lovely shine.  Silver Polishing cloths have a unique solution embedded in them, specially fashioned to remove surface dirt while restoring sparkle. Polishing cloths are readily available in any jewellers but we will provide one with an order on request.
  • Store your jewellery in the original box to avoid scratching surfaces and to protect chains, neck wires and gemstones.
  • Don’t wear your jewellery in situations that might damage it – going to the gym, gardening, lifting heavy objects and swimming in chlorinated water are a few examples.
  • Apply hand creams, perfumes, etc. before putting on your jewellery to avoid dulling gemstones & Silver
  • Majority of Our gemstones used are reasonably durable in other words there Mohs Hardness rating is 5-7 which is hard compared to fossil gems like Amber which is soft but try to avoid scratches and scrapes against other abrasive items such as Keys or other metal objects.


All of my Bracelets and Necklaces are fitted with lobster claw clasps and extension chains which makes each piece adjustable in length. If you have any questions about my products please contact me at [email protected] or via the Contact Page.