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My name is Niall Gleeson and I have had an interest in gemstones and jewellery for many years now. It all started with my mother taking me with her on shopping trips to Jewellery and gift stores. Surprisingly I didn’t mind as I was fascinated with all of the colours and shapes before me. Soon after, I started collecting Gemstones through a weekly magazine called “Treasures of the Earth”. I received a sample of different gemstones each week and learned about the characteristics and qualities of each one. She was a gifted crafter herself knitting Aran jumpers & intricate embroidery.

I started designing and producing Beadwork Jewellery over eight years ago and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have worked in numerous occupations but I have never had the same passion and love for what I do now as before. Designing a piece of jewellery from scratch and seeing the satisfaction of my customers when I present the finished piece is a joy to behold.


The inspiration for my range came from discovering the wonder of our national gem Connemara Marble with its variety of greens and combining it with a many other beautiful materials I had discovered on my Jewellery design journey to create a range which captures both our Irish heritage and contemporary design. I work with a variety of materials including Semi Precious stones such as our national Gem Connemara Marble, Freshwater Pearls, various types of glass beads and decorative metal beads. All my materials are carefully chosen from a wide range of reliable suppliers.

 Over the last couple of years I have developed a distinctive Celtic range, which is quite unique in design, combines various semi-precious stones with glass beads & antique silver Celtic beads including many ancient Irish symbols such as the “Celtic spiral” which was has been a Celtic symbol for over 2000 years – symbolizing creation and growth. Also, the “Celtic Knotwork” is a common theme in a lot of my pieces representing everlasting love and the binding together of two souls as the interlacing lines have no beginning or end. Other popular symbols include the Trinity Knot, The Claddagh & the shamrock. Please see our Irish symbols section for more information.  Connemara Marble is a rare form of marble found in the region. It is typically greenish in color. It is one of the rarest forms of marble in the world. Deposits date back some 600 million years! The marble forms when limestone is heated under pressure. The rich serpentine green is ideal for creating stunning Jewelry. . We have experienced rapid growth in the past few years and I have transformed my business from a humble beginnings at a Market stall to creating a well-known brand both in Ireland And USA through supplying various Craft & Gift Stores  My work can now be found in over 150 Craft shops and Heritage sites across Ireland including Kylemore Abbey, Bunratty Castle the iconic Blarney woollen mills and many more. My full range is available to purchase directly here on www.galantajewellery.com  Please check the website for new products that are added each week.




Galanta-Elegance –Connemara Marble


Galánta Jewellery – Handmade in Ireland

Galánta Jewellery captivates the Celtic essence within everyone by offering handmade jewellery with an extra emphasis on elegance, exceptional design and outstanding customer service.

Located in the shadows of Cratloe Woods, Co. Clare, Ireland – Galánta Jewellery offers a thoughtfully selected assortment of contemporary, Celtic and bespoke design jewellery.

Galánta means elegant in Irish. “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”.


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